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Evaluation and Documentation of Data for Incorporation Monitoring
Software package for data administration and calculation of both intake and effective dose of incorporated radionuclides
  • Data-Base for administration of personal data and measurement results.
  • Data-base for nuclide retention data for all relevant nuclides.
  • Automatic calculation of intake and effective dose as a reference method for more than 100 radionuclides before any ICRP calculations are undertaken.
  • If the reference method cannot be applied, then ICRP 30/68/78 will be used to calculate the intake and effective dose.
  • Dose calculation using the integration method.
  • Test for the suitability of the ICRP models is included.
  • Based on MICROSOFT ACCESS 2000 & 2002; runs on all PCs under Windows 2000/XP/NT
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