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Anti-Coincidence γ-Spectrometer

2 HPGe low-background detectors, NaI annular detector, sandwich lead shield.

Application for nuclear sample mesurements

  • High resolution coincidence γ-spectrometry system.

  • 2 diametrically HPGe detectors sheathed by a NaI anular anti-Compton detector and placed in a low backgroud lead shield.

  • Highest energy sensitive selectivity for multiple decay sequences and very high suppression of non-coincident gamma emissions and Compton scattered events.

For National and international organizations and companies in

  • Universities, research centers, nuclear medicine

  • Industry- and nuclear technology

  • Environmental, health and food surveillance and laboratories

  • Dismantling, consulting, waste management

  • Civil defense, emergency response, border, safety, security and access control

System description

HPGe γ-Detectors

  • Medium planar crystals, Diameter: 5, 7 cm;  Thickness: 1.5, 2, 3 cm

  • Medium coaxial crystals, Efficiency: from 30 % up to 80 %

  • Low background (LB) version

Sample Geometry

  • Optimal for point & filter sources & small Petrie shells

Spectrometry Electronics, Hardware and Software

  • State-of-the-Art digital spectrometry electronic

  • High performance data acquisition system

  • Latest analysis software solution

NaI(Tl) detectors with very low K-40 content

  • Annular detector 


Fast Electronic

  • Including fast coincidence, anti-coincidence & energy selective electronic

Shielding Design

  • Passive low-background sandwich lead shield for photon absorption


Typical spectrum from ISuS coincidence spectrometer coming soon


Easy sample exchange only by open and close the lead castle and annular crystal. No difficult HPGe detector moving (up and down) is necessary to load the sample.

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