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Compton-Suppression γ-Spectrometer

with low-background HPGe detectors, special lead & Cu shields, NaI gard, annular & forward scattering detectors & Rn-suppression.

NaI Cs-137 signal at PMT output: the bright band shows the 661 keV line with the smaller Compton scattered energies below. At the top of the image, the small time-defining pulse derived from signal rise time by a CFD.

Application for nuclear sample mesurements

  • High resolution anti-Compton, γ-spectroscopy system.

  • HPGe detector sheathed by NaI detectors and placed in a low backgroud lead shield.

  • Highest suppression of multi-photon gamma-emitter

For National and international organizations and companies in

  • Universities, research centers, nuclear medicine

  • Environmental, health and food surveillance and laboratories Industry- and nuclear technology

  • Dismantling, consulting, waste management

  • Civil defense, emergency response, border, safety, security and access control

System description

HPGe γ-Detectors

  • Medium planar crystals, Diameter: 5, 7 cm;  Thickness: 1.5, 2, 3 cm

  • Medium coaxial crystals, Efficiency: from 30 % up to 80 %

  • Low background (LB) version

Sample Geometry

  • Optimal for point & filter sources & small Petrie shells

Spectrometry Electronics, Hardware and Software

  • State-of-the-Art digital spectrometry electronic

  • High performance data acquisition system

  • Latest analysis software solution

NaI(Tl) detectors with very low K-40 content

  • Annular detector 

  • Guard detector

  • Forward scattering detectors (optional)

  • Including fast Anti-Compton electronic


Shielding Design

  • Passive low-background sandwich lead shield for photon absorption


Typical spectrum from ISuS anti-Compton spectrometers (Compton suppression on/of) with unequalled highest suppression factor (97 at a 200 keV) starting from 2 MeV down to ~15 keV as an example for a multiple γ-transition radionuclide such as Br-82.



Easy sample change by open and close the lead castle and annular crystal only.

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