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We have more than 25 years of experience in the field of development, production and application of nuclear measurement instruments, software and systems as well as in discussions with authorities and consultants. Especially in all kinds of nuclear spectrometry we benefit of a very rich pool of knowledge and experience.

Our portfolio in services

  • High resolution spectroscopy systems for alpha, beta, gamma and neutron spectrometry

  • Integral measurement systems for alpha, beta, gamma and neutron counting

  • Measurement systems for contamination or for free release of staff and material

  • Dose rate measurement and dosimetry

For National and international organizations and companies in

  • Industry- and nuclear technology

  • Dismantling, consulting, waste management

  • Environmental, health and food surveillance and laboratories

  • Civil defense, emergency response, border, safety, security and access control

  • Universities, research centers, nuclear medicine

Education and Training

Training on hard- and software of nuclear spectrometry both in application and theory Organization of training courses and workshops

  • Both convention hotels or at customer site

  • Dependant on number of participants and existing infra structure


Training courses on these subjects

  • Fundamentals of alpha, beta, gamma and neutron radiation

  • Detection of nuclear radiation (Interaction processes, suitable detectors, electronics and analysis software, measurement techniques, functional principles of measurement systems and their application)

  • Analysis of spectra (Software, peak search, peak analysis, analysis parameters, calibration, nuclide libraries, correction function and algorithms, limit of detection and identification (e.g. ISO11929)

  • Analysis software of well-known companies as Canberra, ITech, Ortec (operation, data analysis, options, comparison)

  • Current subjects and trends in nuclear spectrometry and integral measurement methods e.g. ISO11929 (Application and implementation, possible sources of errors, insitu measurements, Monte-Carlo methods in calibration of nuclear spectrometers, incorporation and contamination measurements)

  • Hardware (failure diagnosis, troubleshooting, functional tests)


Don't hesitate to ask for your individual training programs!

Operation, Service & Maintenance

Operation, service, maintenance, periodic testing of running systems

Support for the operation of existing measurement instruments and systems of well-known producers at customer site

  • System operation (sampling, preparation, measurement, analysis)

  • Laboratory systems, insitu systems, whole body counters, free release and waste measurement systems

  • During staffing shortages, measurement campaigns or outages


Validation of measurement results
Calibration of measurement systems and instruments of most known producers
Quality assurance
System diagnosis, Maintenance and functional testing
Performance of periodic testing


Repairs, troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting (via phone or on site), functional testing

  • Installation and dismounting of components (Installation of replacement components when indicated)

  • Repair quotation, proposal, concept

  • Repair on site (if possible and appropriate)

  • Repair in house by our specialists or in cooperation with partners respectively manufacturers

  • Repair at manufacturing site (when too complex)

Various spare or lean modules are disposable to bypass longer outage times to allow further operation during repair. Numerous components and replacement parts are in stock.

Development & Conceptual Design

Development and conceptual design of measurement systems

  • System analysis, guidelines

  • Projection planning

  • System development specification

  • Project engineering and concept elaboration

  • Project consulting

  • Preparation of project documents (profile of functional, target and contract requirements, specification sheet)

  • Documentation

Project & Feasibility Studies

Rreparation of studies, market research, feasibility studies, expertise

  • Market analysis

  • System analysis

  • System developments requirements

  • Preparation of advices of amendment or reports to permitting authorities

  • Specialist counseling and discussion with surveyors and permitting authorities

Measurement Instruments & Systems

Delivery of measurement equipment and turnkey systems using partial components, instruments and products of well-known manufacturers

  • Projection (Preparation of basic concept, technical documents, time schedule, alignment with legal requirements as EMC, KTA, IEC etc.)

  • Design concept (system planning, component listings, flow diagrams, part lists, approval planning)

  • Preparation of project documents (profile of functional, target and contract requirements, specification sheet, system description)

  • Preparation of procurement documents

  • Definition of design & development specifications

  • Project management (project planning, request for quotation, placing of orders)

  • Preparation of project documentation (pre- and inspection documents, operational and maintenance manuals, test procedures)

  • Project driven software development

  • Incoming and pre-inspection of components and partial components

  • Factory and on site integration, mounting and inspection

  • Commissioning

  • Instruction and training for users and administrators

  • Essential meetings and technical clarifications with suppliers and surveyors

  • Documentation inspection (incl. quality assurance) and approval

  • Quality measures (e.g. operation tests, periodic testing)

Software Development

Development of special software, tools and programs

  • Development and support of special software and tools for new and existing systems of most known manufacturers

  • Development of special software and tools for body counters, drum measurement systems, free release measuring devices, simple changers according to customer's specifications

  • Development of special software programs and routines for laboratory systems and insitu systems (e.g. gamma total counting, stack monitoring, waste systems and balancing measurements)

  • Analysis sequences compilation, macro programming to solve special measuring problems for various manufacturer software (like Canberra (Genie, Apex), ITech (Interwinner), Ortec (GammaVision) etc.)

  • Transfer or export of measurement and analysis results into customer based database systems

  • Practical integration and implementation of ISO11929 requirements to measurement systems

  • Creation of analysis parameter files (analysis libraries, calibration files, correction calculation)

  • We use current programming languages, macro languages or visual basic script

  • Compatibility to current operating systems of Microsoft


Preparation of project related respectively technical documentation for existing but also new systems

  • Creation, adaption or revision

  • Translation of technical documents or documentation into or from English, French and German

  • As project related respectively technical documentation we understand:

  • System manuals

  • Operating manuals (both hard- and software)

  • Service and maintenance manuals and schedules

  • Pre-inspection documents (performance and product specification, system description, …)

  • Commissioning, Factory test, test and startup procedures, instructions and protocols

  • System drawings, flow charts, block diagrams, circuit and connection diagrams, spare part and part lists

  • Data and specification sheets, requisition files

  • Job statements, work instructions, operating procedures

  • Creation of presentations (.PPT)


Amongst various other customers we have cooperated with these institutions on interesting projects

  • Austria Seibersdorf Laboratories: Ionizing Radiation and Radioactivity
    Ultra Low-Level HPGe-Spectrometer: CTBTO and CELLAR Radionuclide Laboratory

  • Germany Radiochemistry Institute Munich "RCM": anti-compton HPGe-spectrometer, beta and low-level alpha-spectrometer, several R&D projects

  • Kuwait KISR Kuwait: Ultra low-level HPGe-spectrometer

  • SA KACST Riyadh: Ultra low-level HPGe-spectrometer, low-energy HPGe-spectrometer

  • Kuwait RPD Kuwait: Ultra low-level HPGe-spectrometer

  • Indonesia Jakarta: Center for Technology of Radiation Safety and Metrology: Ultra low-level HPGe-spectrometer

  • Poland Politechnika Lodzdka: Miedzyresortowy Instytut Techniki Raiacyjnej: Anti-Compton HPGe-Spectrometer

  • ...

  • ...

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